The Art of Cutting Bruce Hardwood Flooring, Lowes Hardwood Flooring, and Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

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Vinyl plank, Bruce hardwood, Lowes hardwood, and prefinished hardwood flooring have all become very popular options for flooring. These materials are durable in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. However, cutting these materials precisely is an important part of a flooring project’s success. To make sure your flooring endeavor is a complete success, we’ll examine the methods and pointers for cutting vinyl plank flooring, Bruce hardwood flooring, Lowes hardwood flooring, and prefinished hardwood flooring in this post.

Vinyl plank flooring cut to size

For many homeowners, vinyl plank flooring is a fashionable and affordable option. Although cutting vinyl plank flooring is quite simple, accuracy is essential for getting a polished look. This is how you do it:

Before cutting anything, carefully measure the area and mark the vinyl plank with a pencil. Measure twice, cut once. Verify your measures a second time to prevent waste.

Use a Utility Knife: 

When cutting vinyl plank flooring, a sharp utility knife is your greatest friend. The plank should be snapped along the line you scored along after marking it. Check the knife’s sharpness to avoid any jagged edges.

Jigsaw for Curves: 

A jigsaw with a fine-toothed blade works well for cutting curves or complex forms. It offers the control required for exact cutting.

Bruce Hardwood Flooring sanding

Bruce hardwood floors are famous for their beauty and toughness. To cut Bruce hardwood boards, take the following actions:

For cutting Bruce hardwood flooring, a circular saw with a fine-toothed blade is recommended. To cut through the plank without harming the subfloor, adjust the saw’s depth.

Measure and mark the board where you need to make the cut. To achieve a straight and clean cut, use a straightedge.

Avoid Splintering: 

Always cut with the final side facing up to avoid splintering. Any splintering will then happen on the underside of the plank.

Lowe’s Hardwood Flooring Cutting

For DIY enthusiasts, Lowes hardwood flooring is a popular option. It is frequently purchased from numerous trustworthy producers. Here’s a good way to chop it:

Select the Correct Saw: 

The Lowes hardwood’s thickness will determine the type of saw you should use. Standard thickness planks are best cut with a circular saw, whereas thicker planks are best cut with a table saw.

Safety first: 

When using power tools, always wear the proper protective clothing, such as safety glasses and earplugs.

Precision is Important: For a professional appearance, like with any hardwood, accurate measurements and straight cuts are required. For smooth cuts, make sure your saw blade is sharp.

Prefinished hardwood flooring being cut

Prefinished hardwood flooring is a practical option because it has a factory-applied finish. Follow these instructions when cutting prefinished hardwood:

Score the Surface: 

Cut a line through the finish using a utility knife. This guarantees a clean cut and reduces splintering.

Keep an Expansion Gap in Mind: 

When installing prefinished hardwood, keep an expansion gap in mind. This permits the wood’s normal expansion and contraction.

The best tool for cutting around door jambs and other confined locations is a hand saw or a flush-cutting saw. These instruments provide the accuracy required for these precise cuts.


Mastering the technique of cutting these materials is crucial for a successful flooring project, regardless of whether you’re working with vinyl plank flooring, Bruce hardwood flooring, Lowes hardwood flooring, or prefinished hardwood flooring. Always take careful measurements, select the proper tools, and put safety first. You can obtain a professional finish that raises the appeal and value of your space with the correct methods and attention to detail.

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